„Live Democracy!“ Program

Flyer – general information in English

Through the federal program „Live Democracy! – Active against Right-Wing Extremism, Violence, and Discrimination“ projects for the development of democracy and diversity are being supported and funded throughout Germany by local „Partnership for Democracy“ chapters. Since January of 2015 the LAP Erfurt/Partnership for Democracy has received funding from this fedreal program.

About „Live Democracy!“

Attacks on democracy, freedom, and the rule of law, such as the ideology of inequality, are enduring challenges for all of society. Right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-semitism, Islamophobia, anti-Romani sentiment, ultra-nationalism, homophobia, violent Salafism (for example, militant Jihadism), demonstrate the wide range of anti-democratic and discriminatory phenomena at hand. Vigorously confronting these attacks will require a common struggle from state and civil society.

Throughout Germany goal-achieving initiatives, associations and engaged citizens are campaigning for diverse, violence-free and democratic cooperation. Through this important work, they support the federal program „Live Democracy!“ of the Federal Department of Families, Seniors, Women, and Youth. They specifically support projects that engage in democratic facilitation and extremism prevention.

The program operates on many different levels, with the goal of supporting projects with municipal, as well as regional and national, focus.

With the implementation of this program, the Department for Family and Civil Society is commissioned with the establishment of a local head office. The German Youth Institute (Deutsche Jugendinstitut) evaluates the program and additionally takes on the scientific monitoring of programs concerning state democracy centers, as well as support for structural development of nationwide sponors. The institute also facilitates pilot projects concerning group-based discrimination, the strengthening of democracy, and additional pilot projects for radicalization prevention.

About the Partnership for Democracy

What is a local „Partnership for Democracy?“

Through the federal program, regional administrations in all of Germany (cities, counties, and municipal coalitions) are supported in the establishment of Partnerships for Democracy.

In these „Partnerships for Democracy,“ the responsible people for municipal politics and administrations, associations, clubs, and churches, as well as engaged citizens, come together. By means of the local reality and problem areas, they develop a concrete, coordinated stratgey together.

For „Live Democracy!“ 218 communties were chosen in two calls for applications for the establishment of Partnerships for Democracy.

The supported communities also attended free consulting and coaching training sessions. These were developed and coordinated through the head office of the Department for Family and Civil Society.

How does a Partnership for Democracy work?

The supported communities will receive money for 5 years beginning in 2015 from the Department for Families, Seniors, Women, and Youth. This money will finance the Action and Iniative Funds with funding for events through the LAP Erfurt. Examples of projects might include democracy festivals, poster campaigns, or the publication of other informational materials.

For the technical coordination of events, the financed communities establish coordination and specialist departments, in which a volunteer is positioned. They are responsible for the implementation management of the „Partnership for Democracy“ and acts as the contact person and contributes to the announcement of local events.

For events relating to participation, community-building, and open-mindedness, the communities are separately funded. Through such events will be open and accessible to a wide public and advertized for participation. For the intended community networking, actors from the civil society should actively participate in the development and perpetuation of the Partnership for Democracy. For this purpose, a local Democracy Conference takes place bi-annually, to which all relevant civil society actors, appropriate establishments, and authortiy figures from the political sphere, are invited to reflect upon and define the goals and orientation of the Partnership for Democracy.

For the strengtheing of youth participation in the „Partnership for Democracy,“ youth forums will be established, which will be organized and carried out by youth themselves. For the implementation of their own event, the youth forums will be given seperate funding.