Apply for a Grant

Do you have a project for the LAP?

Then let us know! The external coordination team is ready to help with any questions concerning the application process and the implementation/financing of your project.

**Please contact the external coordination office before submitting an application in English! Translation services may be required, which may be included in your proposal and covered by grant money.**

The office may be reached by email at lap(at)radio-frei(dot)de or by phone at 0361-7467422.

In the LAP Erfurt there are two types of possible applications – Large Projects and the Action Fund:

  1. Large Projects

    • for societies and associations (ex. Corporations)
    • for applications requesting funding exceeding 500€ (maximum 5,000€)
    • Applications are decided upon annually in 6 meetings of the application committee
    • Deadline: Your application must be received 2 weeks before the next committee meeting

  2. Action and Initiative Funds

    • Mainly for individuals and private groups (with no legal status)
    • for applications requesting funding up to 500€
    • Applications can be submitted at any time
    • Applications will be decided upon within 2 weeks of submission

Application forms (in German only)

For all projects:

• The project may only start after application submission and approval
The LAP does NOT fund: ongoing business expenses (ie. rent, electricity, internet, etc.), single purchases of over 400€, language courses, legal consultancy, instructional events/activities during regular school lessons, alcohol. If you have further questions, please consult the external coordination office.
• The funding period lasts throughout the year ­– all projects must end by Dec. 31st of the year they start in
• All printed materials (brochures, flyers, etc) must contain logos, please consult the external coordination office.

Further funding for applications through the Program for Democracy, Tolerance, and Open-Mindedness is possible from the Intervention Fund. The Intervention Fund can offer short-notice financial support of up to 1,000€.