General Information

The Local Action Plan/Partnership for Democracy

What is it all about?

In partnership with the Program for Democracy, Tolerance and Open-mindedness, the regional government of Thuringia is working against political extremism, racism, and violence, through preventative measures and projects. The goal is to highlight democracy, tolerance and acceptance as central societal values through a Local Action Plan (LAP) for a peaceful and democractic harmony in Thuringia.

Through the federal program „Live Democracy!“ cities and communities throughout Germany are supported in their efforts to develop democracy and diversity.

What is a Local Action Plan?

Local action plans are concepts and projects created in their own cities that aim to increase and strengthen awareness, tolerance, and open-mindedness. LAP of Erfurt has been active in Erfurt since mid-2012 and is funded by the regional government, the city of Erfurt, and since 2015 by the German federal government.

The LAP pursues the goal of bringing many diverse actors throughout the city (such as associations, businesses, churches, and engaged citizens) to one table for the development of a common strategy against right-wing extremist and anti-semitic discrimination in Erfurt. Through the LAP’s funding future-oriented projects against mass discrimination are developed and financially supported.

In short: The goal of the Erfurt Local Action Plan Against Right-Wing Extremism is to foster and support sustainable diversity and peaceful tolerance in every day life in the city of Erfurt.

Who can participate?

Everyone 18 years or older can submit an application for a funded project. In addition, registered associations, organizations, state-recognized religious communities, social initiatives, etc. are held by the application guidelines of the Thuringian government.

How can I complete my project through the LAP?

The external coordination office of LAP Erfurt (in association with Radio F.R.E.I.) is the direct contact partner for the implementation of your project. The office is located in the Radio F.R.E.I. building in Erfurt (Gotthardtstraße 21). Here you can find information and advice for project development and application submission. After your application is submitted, the appointed committee will decide on project approval and funding. Further information about funding policies and project applications can be found under „Apply for a Grant“.